Billy Gilman Former Country Music Star Makes Comeback On The Voice. 2016

Billy Gilman  Welcome Back
Billy Gilman Welcome Back

I Was Very happy to see a wonderful Comeback for one of my favorite performers of all time.

We were able to see him on the wonderful and renown show  on NBC The Voice

Billy Gilman on the voice
Billy Gilman on the voice doing a song for the Blind additions by Adele.

With them doing the auditions blind and Billy not being signed on an album contract it was the perfect opportunity for him to get back in the swing of things . Not that he has not been singing sense he was let go from his record label after becoming a child phenomenon bringing a sweet child voice to america and the world with his high vocals such as you would find in an all male choir . As he was no longer a child star but growing up and alas his voice was changing he feared for a while that his voice would be gone for good but no that was not the case .

With courage practice and a lot of ups and downs literally he was able to grow into his new voice and Wow what a voice it has became

After being let go by his Record Lable after multiple Platinum Albums on the top of the charts . He branched out on a journey of his own and practiced and practiced learning to control his new voice and hoping to get back into singing again. The new adventure took time and diligence on his part to pursue yet again his desire to perform as a musician to the world.

After very hard work he found out he still had a voice to use and with practice learned to control it in a great way. He now had a well honed vocal and with his honest and charismatic style on the stage was able to bring many of his fans back too him after many wondered what had happened to the child star who sang the heart warming song  ( ONE VOICE )


He started doing concerts and fundraisers and any event he could get booked for while coming into his own and becoming the star doing the kind of music he had always wanted to sing.

During this journey he worked with many other famous artist and recorded a few videos .

pic from one of his videos his new song he did for his partner . Say You Will
pic from one of his videos his new song he did for his partner . Say You Will

hqdefault billy-gilman-comes-out-gay-videohqdefault-1

Fans were starting to see the new Billy and it was exciting for him with new hope now he wanted to pursue this even more.

At one time during his journey he wanted to let everyone know that he had Yes a Partner .  The former child country star was Gay and he was not sure how  the music industry or his fans and family and friends would take it but it was time for him to let everyone know as he was very in love with his partner and no longer felt the need to hide who he was his family were excepting and many of his friends and fans understood and were many grateful that he had the courage to come out .

During his time as a child star he performed on the Muscular Dis trophy fundraising show hosted for many years by comedian Jerry Lewis, Never did one year go by that he did not appear and perform.   544fde8784228-image

Over the Years he performed with many artist and was admired by many such as this artist


Demi Lovato with a tweet to Billy telling him how she has always love him as an artist she was a big fan.

He was amazed at this

Billy has always been a young man to show who he was openly and I was proud to see him back performing and going forward Win or Loose He will always be one of the best artist I have ever known

I have been pleasantly amazed with each performance on a show where it is about your voice not how you look. The judges knew who he was after they turned around and then fought to get him on thier team . Adam Levine was the lucky winner to mentor Billy in this next chapter of his life.

Here he is doing I believe Fight song and Wow.
Here he is doing The Show must go On.
Here he was in the Battle rounds that advanced him to the lives  .

Thank you Billy for being you and blessing us to take this journey with you . One of your biggest fans Elizabeth Harrison .


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